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What Is Owner Financing?

Owner financing is a common way to do a Real Estate Deal. A potential buyer finances the house through the person selling the house. This occurs when the buyer is unable to obtain funding through a bank. The seller will agree to seller financing if he or she is having difficulty selling the property. This happens when the buyer doesn’t qualify for a loan. The seller decides to become the bank and carries back the financing of the house. The buyer must provide a down payment to make a successful seller financing deal. Once the seller provides the down payment, the buyer receives monthly payments for a term of usually 30 years.

Owner Financing factors
This my sound like a good deal, but the buyer must consider some key factors before doing a seller financing transaction.

The buyer must decide if seller financing is the right option.

The seller can go through a series of life events. The seller can stop paying monthly payments because of a layoff, a medical emergency, a family emergency, the seller is an irresponsible person, and pay bills.

The buyer must consider what can happen in the future. The buyer must become the bank and ask for payments. He must put those payments into a savings account. The buyer must be willing to put off his financial dreams like going on a dream vacation, buying a second home, sending their kids to college and having a retirement fund. Thirty years of saving monthly payments can be a hassle if not handled correctly. It takes a high level of commitment and responsibility to save thirty years of monthly payments.

There are many factors to consider to do owner financing. The buyer must decide if this commitment is right for him.

Now, owner financing can be a great decision for the buyer. He can make a huge return on investment by accepting a big interest rate. The buyer can choose to accept a thirty percent down payment to get the seller committed to the owner financing terms. Also, the buyer will enjoy monthly payments and the stability it provides.

Owner financing can be a great financial instrument, but you must be dedicated to managing the monthly payments. Make sure that you might an educated decision before doing owner financing.

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